91: Mark Goulston on How to Listen When Someone Is Venting [PODCAST]


Do you know what to say when someone comes at you who is livid? Virtually every leader had fielded conversations like this, but at lot of us haven’t handled these situations as well as we’d like. In this show, I welcome Mark Goulston, co-author of the recent book Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In to share his three-step process to best handle these situations.

Guest: Mark Goulston
Co-Author of Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In

Check out Mark’s article on this same topic on the Harvard Business Review blog

Three three-step process that Mark recommended:

1. What are you most frustrated about?
2. What are you most angry about?
3. What are you really worried about?

Here are links to Mark’s books:

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7 thoughts on “91: Mark Goulston on How to Listen When Someone Is Venting [PODCAST]

  1. Great podcast Dave. Just Listen is a great book. The information Mark passed on using the tell me more about that is a great way to let people vent along with you listening. I even take notes so they know I am listening. Thanks Dave! Awesome podcast, CFL is my top podcast to listen to every week.

    • Rick Gray Rick, thank you so much for the thought and I’m so glad that you were already familiar with Mark’s work. He’ll be thrilled that you’ve already been applying so much from his prior book.
      I’m also grateful for the kind words about the show, Rick. I know you listen to a lot of podcasts, so I am very honored but what you have said. You’ve given me a great reputation to live up to – I’ll keep working hard each week to provide as much value as possible. Having great guests like Mark makes my work easy.
      Thanks for consistently taking the time to reach out, Rick.

    • Suzie Farthing Suzie, thank you for listening and for the kind comment.
      It’s going into my toolbox too. I have the competing feelings at the moment of wanting to try this soon so I get it cemented into my mind – but also hoping not to have to need it anytime soon, for all the obvious reasons…  =)